Sewing bags for friends and family

These are some bags that I've sewn recently for my friends and family as gifts...


Just like most of the bags I sew, these bags are fully reversible.  The bag has a tie ribbon closure.

私はリバーシブルのバッグが大好き。 もちろんこれらのバッグもリバーシブルです。 開き口には共布で作った紐を縫い付けました。

Made of Echino fabric

これは日本製の echino ブランドの布を使用。

Reversible side has a small pocket.

Boxy bag bottom can carry many items inside.


This one is made for my mom.

I used this turquoise color for the reverse side. Isn't this color stunning?


This lovely tree fabric is from our local Joann.

こちらの可愛い生地は近所の Joann にて購入しました。

Reverse side from Joann, too.

内布も Joann から。

These bags are foldable, so it can be rolled up into a compact size and kept in your purse at all times.  

Just say no to plastic bags with these bags! (lol)


Rolled up into a compact size


My ten year old is the model here in this photo. She got so tan :)


Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you all have a beautiful month of August!


***Love, Amy***


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!I love all the fabric you used and the fact they are reversible. Your mom is going to love hers!

Zova couture said...

wow...what a lovely bags!..I am off to get a pattern ...

verykerryberry said...

They are lovely- such a practical bag and really pretty too! Is it your pattern shape? It rolls ups so well!

Jessica said...

Gorgous bags Amy - I envy their future recipients!

Kris said...

These bags are so wonderful! Which tutorial did you use? Would love to make some myself :)))

PY said...

Amy, these bags are just adorable! Well done !

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, ladies, for taking your time to comment on my post! I am so happy to be part of this online sewing community of nice and talented folks!! You rock :)

vaheeda, Kerri, and Kris - The pattern to this bag is my original. In fact I'm still working on it, slightly changing the pattern here and there, therefore I ended up making three of these bags at once ;)

Thanks again and happy sewing!! Love, Amy


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