Personalized gift set for a baby boy   ネーム刺しゅう入り赤ちゃんギフト

After last week's terrible tragedy in Connecticut elementary school, it wasn't the same for me to send off my girls to their schools this morning. My heart goes out to the victims' families, especially to the parents who sent off their kids to school on Friday morning, expecting them to be safe and happy just like any other day...
All I wish for is a safer place for our children.
先週、米コネチカット州で起きた小学校乱射事件の衝撃からいまだ立ち直れません。 あの日も普段と同じように子供たちを学校に送り出したご両親のお気持ちを考えるとあまりの悲劇に言葉もありません。 
... including baby Conor, who was born to our friend's family recently.
I made a small personalized gift set to celebrate his arrival. It's a patchwork bib and a matching drawstring bag.

Reversible side of bib is super soft Japanese double gauze.

I wish him a happy and healthy life :)
***Love, Amy***


Anonymous said...

That is such an adorable set!
I know it must have been all you could do to send them!!

cocostitch said...


Z said...

Really sweet bib set. Very nice.

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies! I love making personalized baby gifts, and I try to be extra careful to spell the baby's name right... Hope the baby likes the gift!!

Unknown said...

@cocostitchさん、ビブを作る時、私は表布(主にコットン生地)& 裏布(ダブルガーゼやフランネルなど柔らか系の生地)の間には、コットン100%のキルト芯を一枚はさんでいますよ♪ 中に古タオルを挟むというのは良いアイデア!ですね。


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