Holiday fabric rag wreath 2013 ハギレで作る布リース(2013年)

Holidays are just around the corner and I've noticed that many viewers are visiting my fabric rag wreath tutorial that I put together a couple of years ago. Recently, I was happy to learn that the same tutorial was featured on All Free Sewing website as "Spirit of Christmas Fabric Wreath"!

クリスマスを来月に控えて、最近ではたくさんの方々が過去に当ブログに掲載した、ハギレで作る布リース作り方を見に来てくださっているようです。 つい先日には All Free Sewing というサイトでも私の布リース作り方を掲載していただきました。

So, I decided to make the 2013 version of my holiday fabric rag wreath based on my own tutorial.  The size of this wreath is rather small (I used 10" styrofoam wreath here) than the one I've shown in the tutorial.


I started out using scraps of green fabrics and linen...


Then added red and white gingham check to add that holiday kick to the wreath.


The styrofoam wreath is covered with holiday-colored fabric scraps.



The bow completes the fabric rag wreath!

Once you have all the fabric scraps cut into 2" squares using pinking shears, making this wreath is fairly quick and simple. It will be a safe and fun project to work with young children.

最後にリボンをつけたらもう完成です♪ このリース、ピンキングはさみを使ってハギレを5センチ大にカットする作業さえ済めば、あとはとても簡単に仕上がります。小さなお子さんでも、ママやパパと一緒に楽しく作れると思います。

If you are interested in making your own fabric rag wreath, check out my  tutorial here.


Or you can check out my YouTube video tutorial, too. Enjoy your holiday preparation by creating your own fabric rag wreath with your loved ones! 


***Love, Amy***

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Michelle said...

Oh wow, I love this. It's quite elegant!


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