Sewing for our girls: Peko-chan tote bag ペコちゃんバッグ完成♪

Peko-chan fabric from Japan 


Lately I've been doing lots of catch-up sewing for our girls. Over the past few months, my mind was pretty much occupied with the release of my new zakka patterns, so I literally had no time to sew for them...  

But I finally decided to tackle the sewing requests from our girls a.s.a.p. before the holiday craziness strikes our household soon! lol


So here's the tote bag that I stitched up for my youngest girl recently. She selected the Peko-chan fabric that I got from Japan this summer.  

In case you're wondering, Peko-chan is the girl in pigtails with her tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. She is the advertising mascot of Fujiya, or popular confectionery store in Japan.


Milky candy featuring Peko-chan


Just like many bags I create, this one is totally reversible in design. The reversible side is pink x pale blue polka dots combination.


And guess what? Per request of my daughter, I ended up sewing two tote bags using the same Peko-chan fabric! One is for our girl, and another is going to be her BFF's birthday gift.  


The girls go to the same Japanese school together on every Saturdays. They have been real good friends from 1st grade. (The girls are in 6th grade right now).


I fussy cut the "Milky" logo from the fabric and stitched it on to the inside pocket for this bag.


For this bag, I fussy cut a small "Happy" logo on the lining pocket, just for fun!

色違いのバッグには Happyの文字をカットして縫い付けてみましたよ。

These bags are made to fit all of their textbooks, notebooks, pencil cases, and other supplies needed for their Japanese school. 

Getting up early on every Saturday mornings to go to their second school is not always fun for the kids (and not to mention the weekly homework load they get from JP school)! But I hope that carrying these matching bags make the girls enjoy going to school together on Saturdays... Hopefully.



***Love, Amy***

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Jen @ chirpy threads said...

super cute matching tote bags! it would make me happy if I was going to school on Saturdays too! :) love the fabric!


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