LeMoyne Star and Cat in the House Quilt Block Finished! ♪ パッチワーク♪ レモンスターと、こねこのおうち

Currently, I am quite busy at my day job (a.k.a. tax season) yet I'm trying my best to squeeze in stitching time whenever possible.  And here's what I have stitched recently. Yes, a pair of quilt blocks!


As you may know, LeMoyne Star is one of the traditional quilt block patterns that is still popular today. And this is my very first LeMoyne Star quilt block!  I did my own measurements so it turned out a bit wonky, but I am still happy with the outcome :)


LeMoyne Star is also known as the Eight Point star.


Second runner up is this block. I designed my original design and named this a "Cat in the House" quilt block.

そして二つ目はこちらのパッチワークを作りました。このパターンも自分なりにデザインしてみました。ご覧の通り「Cat in the House=こねこのおうち」パッチワークと名付けてみましたよ^^

I designed this quilt block with my younger sis in mind, who is madly in love with her cat. 
Meow to my sis! 

I plan to make more quilt blocks as my time allows... So stay tuned! 



***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

Adorable blocks with beautiful colors! Glad you are stealing some time to play with fabrics during this hectic time. Have a lovely day, Amy!

Tomomi McElwee said...


Unknown said...

Hello Pratima♥︎ I really enjoyed stitching these blocks; I just wish I had more time to make more! (^.^)

Unknown said...

嬉しいコメントありがとうございます♥︎ キルトサンプラーはいろいろ種類があって次から次へと作りたいものばかりで困ってしまいます。^o^


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