Bird Cage Key Cover made from my book! ♪著書掲載作品より「鳥かご」の鍵カバー♪

Matryoshka Doll Key Cover (left image in above pic) is one of the favorite projects featured in my book.  I had been itching to share the "Bird cage" version of this key cover (right image above) but I couldn't, because it went missing since last year end!!  I am so happy that I finally discovered it in my crafting drawer over this weekend... Talk about organization! lol


The "bird cage" key cover is made using the exact same pattern as Matryoshka key cover, except that I machine appliqued the blue bird on to the face of the cover. The key cover is fully lined with lightweight batting and linen, and the cushioned cover prevents keys from scratching other items in your purse, such as your cell phone.


Key(s) can be easily pulled down to use, like this.


"Blue bird" sitting on my palm...


 I really love this blue bird key cover, as much I love the Russian doll version!   As you can see from above pic, when I first learned that my Matryoshka key cover made it to the front cover of my book, I was one happy camper!!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your zakka sewing♪



***Love, Amy***
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