What am I making? From my new zakka project...制作中の雑貨作品♪

Can you tell what this is? 

No, it's not a potholder or a place mat...  Actually this is not a finished project, but rather it's a process image taken in the midst of making my new zakka pattern!

上の写真が何だかわかりますか? 鍋敷でもなく、ランチョンマットでもありません。。。制作中の雑貨作品なのです。

Here's the back side...  


And here's more hint...!

I will come back with the finished zakka project soon... so stay tuned!


* * * * * * * * * * * 

Off the topic... 

Here in Southern California, my favorite Jacaranda flowers are blooming everywhere!


Oh how much I love the lovely purple flowers of Jacaranda...

私は、この美しい紫色の花が大好きです。 今では日本の桜と同じくらいに。。。

It's the best season of the year, for me at least! ;)
Enjoy your week!


***Love, Amy***

1 comment:

pratima said...

Love this chubby little pouch! We used to have a jacaranda tree next to our fence while growing up. Every year I used to wait for its purple flowers. Yes, this time of the year is wonderful :)


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