Adding crocheted edges to my Japanese *Tenugui* scarf ♪手ぬぐいスカーフに縁編みしました♪

I love adding crocheted edges to sewn projects because it simply adds that pretty touch. It doesn't take much time either :)


This time I added crocheted edges to my Japanese "te-nu-gui" scarf that I got from Kyoto, Japan, a few years back. "Tenugui" (teh-nu-gooy) is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton. It is very lightweight and super absorbent.


Here, the edges are worked directly onto the sewn "te-nu-gui" scarf. The tenugui is so thin that poking holes using crochet hook is a breeze.  I only used single crochet and chains.


Once again, I worked in the car while I waited for our girls' activities... 


Adding crocheted edges was very quick and easy, yet I love how it turned out!


***Love, Amy***


Svetlana said...

it looks perfect!!! I so love how your pretty scarf turned out.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your tenugui looks lovely Amy with the crochet edge. The black and white print is very striking.

We bought some tenugui in Kyoto too - ours are of Japanese scenes and we have framed them. They are a lovely reminder of our trip to Japan.


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