Half Moon Patchwork Pouch for my sister ♪妹に半円パッチワークポーチをプレゼント♪

Happy July everyone!

Here's what I stitched up for my younger sis #2 for her (belated) birthday gift. You may recall those patchwork placemats that I recently made for my younger sis#1, but this time it's for a different sister! Having many sisters keep me busy; that's for sure! lol 

下の妹の誕生日ギフトに手作りポーチを贈りました。先日、上の妹に手作りしたランチョンマットのセットを覚えていらっしゃいますか?こちら→☆  いやはや、妹がたくさんいると忙しくてしかたないですね。(苦笑)。

I made sure to include her fave lipsticks from M.A.C...


The zippers are hand stitched along the bias edge of the pouch opening. The pouch opens widely for convenient access.


Side view. Ribbon trim is attached to the zipper pull for extra sweetness!

ファスナー飾りにリボンを縫い付けました。 手作りギフトはこういう小さなポイントが肝心ですよね(笑)。

Bottom view. 


This pouch is made from my original  zakka pattern, Half Moon Patchwork Pouch.  You can check it out from my shop.


Hope she likes it! 


***Love, Amy***

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1 comment:

Livihus said...

I love this pouch, and the fabrics are just beautiful!
I think your sisters are quite lucky :)

Bets wishes from Norway :)


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