Flex Frame Pouch with Doggie Fabric ♪ワンちゃん柄でバネポーチ♪

You know how much I love to sew stuff and give them away to my loved ones... and here's another one! It's a flex frame pouch I whipped up for my teenage niece who lives in Tokyo with her family.


My niece has an adorable pet dog, so I picked up  this *terrier* fabric (from Kokka) and combined it with polka dots linen (although her dog isn't a terrier!)  I added a tiny cross-stitched bow at the front of the pouch.



12 cm or 4.8" flex frame is used to make this pouch.


Despite minor size alterations that I made to whip up this pouch, you can find how to make similar flex frame pouch from my book.  


Zakka Handmades, my book!


***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

It is every bit adorable! Lovely bow and cute dog print, sure to make your niece smile :)

Ella and Nesta said...

So pretty! The bow detail is so clever too.


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