Scrappy Coaster/Pot Mat Making ♪ハギレでコースター・ポットマットづくり♪

Here's what I've stitched up recently using my ever growing scraps... 
a very scrappy coaster/pot mat!


I've been quite busy ever since I returned from my recent Japan trip to catch up with my work, home, kids... so it's been a challenge for me to find time to sit down and sew lately.


When time is scarce, what to do? For me, making quick-gratification-scrappy-project is the best! 

そんなときはストレスもたまりがちなので、簡単に作れるハギレ利用の作品作りが私には一番です♪ これなら細切れ時間を利用して、ミシンでダダーっと作れます^^  

Reverse side of coaster/pot mat: simple navy and white pin dots cotton. 


To make this coaster/pot mat, I used scraps left behind from making this project that I made earlier. 

Happy scrappy sewing!  Enjoy your weekend.

以前このポーチ→☆ を作ったときに残った切れ端が残っていたので今回はそれを利用してみました。ちょっとした作品作りで気持ちもすっきり♪  やはりソーイングはやめられませんね。主婦なのでお金のかからないハギレ利用というのもポイント高いです(笑)。

***Love, Amy***

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1 comment:

Createology said...

Always so good to come home and yes all the catching up to do is exhausting. Scrappy little mat is really fun. Creative Bliss...


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