Half Moon Patchwork Pouch made of Strippy Scraps ♪ 半円パッチワークポーチをハンドメイド(細長いハギレで) ♪

Prior to my recent Japan trip, I made a couple of handmade gifts to my friends and family. Today I'd like to show you the Half Moon Patchwork Pouch that I made for my sister-in-law, using strippy scraps.


The pouch is made from my original pattern that can be found in my etsy shop.


The pouch pattern comes in two sizes: medium (10" zipper) and small (8" zipper).  This is a small pouch I made, which is a perfect size to carry coins, lip balm, and small necessities.


Instead of creating a log cabin patchwork as described in my pattern, I made this one quite scrappy by using various strippy scraps. Each strip measures approximately 1" to 1.25" in width.


When giving away handmade pouches to my girlfriends and family members, I like to include small extra something inside... like a lip balm or a hand cream. This time, I placed my favorite Kiehl's lip balm tube inside the pouch. 

ハンドメイドのポーチにはこっそり小さなプレゼントを中に忍ばせておくのがお約束です(笑)。 今回は私の愛用する Kiehl のリップバームを中に忍ばせてみましたよ♪

The gift was well received by my sis-in-law :)  I'm sure that many of you agree with me that the best part of making handmade stuff is when they are given away to the people we love...!

ポーチは義妹にプレゼントしました♪ 私にとってハンドメイドの醍醐味はなんといっても大好きな家族や友人にプレゼントすること。。。 使ってもらえたら嬉しい限りです~。

Enjoy your weekend.


***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

Love the scrappy look on this adorable pouch and the splash of red is a perfect touch! It looks very roomy inside to hold quite a few knick knacks.

Katherine said...

So cute and so practical for keeping track of those little necessities that I always like to tote around. I can see why these were such a hit as gifts!


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