Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt (work in progress) ♥ハートのモザイクパッチワークでミニキルト♥

I was inspired by this gorgeous pixelated heart quilt by the talented Svetlana of s.o.t.a.k. handmade and another pixelated mini heart beauty made by the brilliant Blue Elephant Stitches to try my own ♥

Svetlana さんの可愛らしいハートのモザイクキルト (こちら)→☆ と、
Blue Elephant Stitches さんの美しいハートモザイクのキルト (こちら) →★
を一目見たときから。。。私もハートのモザイクキルトを作ってみたいな~ と憧れていました。そして現在挑戦中です♥

The scraps are cut up into 2 inch squares...


I made sure that the seams are nested in opposite directions when the rows are stitched together.


Back view  


Straight line quilting in cross-hatching in the middle of the night...


And phew! it's almost done!   It's been quite a challenge for me to squeeze in stitching time lately, but I look forward to show you the finished mini heart quilt soon ♥ 


***Love, Amy***

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