Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt Making❣ ハギレでログキャビンキルト作り❣

I was not able to find enough time to stitch this week... until tonight!   Do you remember these scrappy log cabins that I was working on earlier? 


 Well I was able to stitch four more blocks tonight. Yes, they turned out so scrappy again!


I'm still not sure what I'm going to make from these blocks... whether I shall keep adding more blocks to make a bigger quilt? or shall I stop here to make them into a lap quilt/baby quilt? Hmmm.. We'll see.


Log cabin blocks are laid out on our kitchen floor... 


Whatever these blocks will turn into, one thing for sure is that sewing makes me so happy!  Hope you're enjoying your stitchy moments as much as I'm enjoying mine♥

何に仕上がるのかは別にして。。。今はただこうして黙々とログキャビンブロックを縫っているのが楽しいのです♪  私にとってソーイングは何にもかえがたいストレス解消法です❣  あ~楽しい♥

***Love, Amy***

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