Star applique placemat ♪星のアップリケ ランチョンマット♪

I guess I was in a starry mood one day... which led me to stitch up a star-appliqued placemat!


For the star template, I used my daughter's paperweight that we had on hand (from her Kumon Math tutor class from several years back).


 This paper-backed fusible web came in very handy when applying raw edge applique stars. Check out my original Hawaiian wreath mini quilt post if you're interested in using these paper adhesive to stitch your own applique motifs.


The stars are made entirely of cheerful and colorful polka dots prints ☆彡 


Placemat is finished after quilting and binding... Although the finished mat is now hung on our kitchen wall instead of being used during our meal time (lol)!


Happy weekend!

***Love, Amy***


pratima said...

These sparkling stars have found a perfect spot in your kitchen, not hidden under a plate ;) I am mesmerized by the cheerful colors you pick for your projects, very cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks to you Pratima! I love decorating our kitchen walls with handmade mini mats and potholders♥︎


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