DIY Ironing Board Makeover ♪DIYアイロン台を張替えました♪

 It was about time to replace my old, stained, and burned ironing board cover to a new one. And you know what I mean if you see the below image...


Ewwww yuck! 


So I rummaged through my drawers to find my secret weapon: a staple gun!


So here's how I put together my DIY ironing board.  I cover a thick cork board with layers of fabrics and batting in this order: upcycled fleece, insulated batting, and the exterior fabric. The cork board is cut to fit the "baby changing" surface of our chest. (We used the chest top when our girls were babies).

私のアイロン台はもともと市販のものではなく、なんちゃって DIY で自己流に作ったものです。作り方はいたって簡単。厚手のコルクボードに→使い古したフリース→保温保冷シート→表布(カバー用)コットン生地、の順に重ねているだけの簡単仕立てです。 ちなみにコルクボードは我が家の娘たちの赤ちゃん時代に活躍した、チェストの「おむつ交換台」部分にぴったりフィットするサイズです。

Carefully stretch all three layers taut. Use staple gun to hold all layers to the back side of the board like this.


Ta-da! I'm so happy with the outcome!



Here's how my updated ironing area looks like in the corner of our kitchen/family room a.k.a. my crafting area!


***Love, Amy***

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