Zakka inspired Linen Bento Lunch Bag or Camera bag? リネンのお弁当バッグ?またはカメラバッグ?完成しました

I just ticked off this *Bento* lunch bag from my work-in-progress list of things to do... Yay!

リネンのお弁当バッグ完成しました。これで「やりかけ作品の数々」の中の一つはやっつけました(笑)   「やりかけ作品」についてはこちらから →★

As you may know, "bento" in Japanese is a home-cooked or takeout meal packed in a lunch box. Japanese bentos are typically carried in a bento bag - like this one.


For the outside pocket of this bag, I upcycled a pocket from these old shirts we had in our house. Love the gingham prints!


Boxy bottom of the bento bag. 


When not in use, the bag lays flat like this.


The bag has convenient drawstring opening with embellished balls added to the cord ends.


Inside out


 The bag exterior and straps are straight line machine quilted throughout.


After finishing the bag, I figured that this may be a perfect bag to carry my camera around? (I got my hubby's old Canon EOS several years back but didn't have the bag to place it).


Zakka inspired bento lunch bag or a camera bag? However I use it, I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

お弁当バッグとして使うか、またはカメラバッグとして使おうか。。。 どちらにしようかな?

If you are interested in making your own bento lunch bag (or a camera bag? lol), you can refer to my book for detailed instructions.  The size of the bag is slightly altered (it's smaller than the one in the book) but the instructions are basically the same.


***Love, Amy***
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Beautiful and very practical at the same time. The details are charming, how cute is that shirt pocket and those string balls! Happy weekend, Amy!


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