Hair scrunchies for our girls

Our girls asked me to make some hair scrunchies (pony tail holders) for them, using the fabrics that they selected from my stash.  I made a couple of them last night and our girls wore them to school today.   For each scrunchie, I used approximately 5 inches x 20 inches (12.5 cm x 50 cm) piece of fabric.

My older daughter (10 yrs old) wore the pastel check version to school today.

And my younger daughter (8 years old) wore the polka dots version.

It may be hard to tell the fabric pattern of their hair scrunchies from this picture... But they both seemed to like their new hair accessaries!


PY said...

Hi, Amy, your girls have beautiful hair. How nice to have a mum who can sew hair accessories for them !

Unknown said...

Hi, PY! I love sewing stuff for our girls, but it's not always easy to please them, because they are so picky on fabric choices!! (Just like their mom, I guess :P) This time they were both happy because they chose the fabrics by themselves :)

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

cocostitchさん!日本からコメありがとう♪ ジャスコ、実家の近所にもあって帰省するたびに私も通いますよ~。

確かに日本は布など手芸用品の種類も豊富で楽しい反面、お値段はするかも…。Joanns のように4割引、5割引のクーポンも使えないしね(笑)。ただ、100円ショップにも色々と手芸用品を取り揃えている所があるのでは? いずれにしても引き続き日本滞在エンジョイして下さいね!


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