Urge to... stamp carving

Hand carved strawberry stamps

Once in a while, I feel this strong urge to carve eraser stamps... and when that happens, I just have to carve stamps! (I know, I'm a weirdo : P)  So, this is what I had been doing for the past few nights... carving eraser stamps, and I enjoyed every moment of it, despite the lack of sleep...zzz

Here, I decorated our kids' brown lunch bag with the hand carved stamps.

OMG this heart shaped stamp was one of the most challenging stamps that I've ever carved!! So much details... On the other hand, the bunny guy was pretty simple to carve, just in time for Easter!

Stamped on to the brown bag again

I also carved this "frame" stamp

This is another great book about eraser stamp carving.  There are many beautiful stamp designs and inspirations inside.   I purchased this book when I visited Japan last year.   The author is a mom of three young children, and she also has a popular blog of her own.

ISBN-10: 4834728935

By the way...our neighbor just returned from their trip to England, and look what they got for us. A passion Fruit tea and a shortbread cookies from Harrods.  Aren't these packages pretty?   And I looooove the rich buttery taste of these shortbreads.  So addicting...!  Thanks, neighbor, for the goodies ;)


PY said...

I love your strawberry stamps. So sweet and so pretty !
How is the taste of the passion fruit tea ? I have a passion fruit tree in my small garden and it bears a lot of fruits recently. I love to eat these fresh fruits but I have never tasted tea made from them .

Unknown said...

Hi, PY! I haven't tried the passion fruit tea yet (I want to adore the package for just a little more) but the aroma of tea is so fruity and sweet. I'll let you know when I try them :)

cocostitch said...



Unknown said...

cocostitchさん、いつもコメありがとう♪ けしはんの



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