Mini tissue holder

This is a small folding pouch to carry a mini tissue and a hanky, etc. on the go.   I used small fabric scraps of linen, gingham check, and a Cath Kidston florals to make this... I like the soft combination of these fabrics ;)

 When the front flap is opened, it looks like this:

It is quite convenient because there is a small pocket behind the tissue holder, where a small necessity, such as some band-aids, a chapstick, or a folded hankerchief can be stored inside, like this:

And  I followed this Japanese tutorial (sorry, in Japanese only).   This tissue holder may look quite simple to make, and yes, the tutorial was well written and easy to follow, but it was still challenging for me to sew... Well, I guess small projects does not always equal easy sewing!!


Sam said...

So lovely! You always make such pretty things, chick chick!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sam!! Compliments from talented craft friends like yourself really keep me motivated :)

PY said...

I like your mini tissue holder. It is neatly sewn. I had stopped buying tissue paper for quite a number of years. I use handkerchief instead.


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