Seven things about myself...

Hi, all :) I was tagged by my dear blog friend Sam of Sunnysidey a while ago, to come up with seven random things about myself, and then tag seven other people...  I try my best to keep it short and simple, so hope you bear with me... So here I go!

Seven random things about me...

1. Craft addiction...
Okay, this is how my crafting table looks like. To the left is a refrigerator (my craft space is located right next to our kitchen area) and right behind my back of where I sit, our kids normally do their homework, play games, eat snacks, and make noises...

I became a craft addict after I bought a sewing machine for myself when my youngest daughter started kindergarten.  Since then, I've been sacrificing sleep and enjoying making things with my machine!

Updated 3/15/2013: My current sewing machine Juki TL-2010Q

2. Radio vs T.V.... I'm a radio listener, and I always keep my radio on while I work, drive, cook, clean, and even when I craft. During the day, I mainly listen to the news radio and at night, I like to listen to easy music.  On the other hand, I almost never watch TV, probably less than an hour a week is a max for my TV time!

My kitchen radio that I listen to when I cook

3. Good food with fine drink... I love eating tasty food with a glass of good wine (or a cold can of beer, or a bottle of Japanese sake, or with Korean soju, or you name the drink, I'll take it!)  I also enjoy cooking, so when I cook dinner, I like to have a can of beer or a glass of wine with me...  What a great way to do three of my favorite things (to cook, to eat and to drink) all at once! 

4. Makeup... I started wearing makeup when I was in my senior year of high school, I think, and since then, I've been wearing it every day.  Well, sometimes I skip it, but on most days, I wear it. I think of it as part of my normal daily routine, just like brushing my teeth or checking my e-mails. 

daily makeup ritual

5. My hubby...I met my husband when I was nineteen years old and when he was twenty two... We got married about a year later and here we are, still *happily* married after more than two decades of being together, now with two kids...which is quite amazing for me!

6. Babysitting vs parenting... When I was growing up, I was the oldest of five kids in our family, and I was the babysitter of my younger siblings all my life (until I left home for college.)  And because of my background, I used to think that having and raising kids of my own will be a breeze... But boy, I was damn wrong...!!  Parenting was so much different from babysitting!!

7. Accounting... I know that crafting and accounting doesn't really mix... but I am a Certified Public Accountant here in the U.S.  Before I had kids, I used to work very long hours as a C.P.A., and back then, I was so busy that I had no time to craft at all! Poor me! Luckily my current work schedule is much more flexible and with fewer hours, it allows me to spend more time with my family.

...Phew! This must be my longest post, ever, on my blog.  Oh, and by the way, I don't think I really know seven other bloggers well enough to tag them, so any of you bloggers out there who feel like posting your own random seven, just give it a try!! And don't forget to let me know when you post 'em ;)

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


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Sam said...

Thanks for playing, chick chick! It's great to learn more about you. I love your craft table with the flags above it! And I am with you on TV watching, I just recently got a TV but only watch one show a week right now. I usually prefer to have a music CD on. I also have quite a non-creative job in IT, and it can seem like a funny mix at times. Isn't it always nice to get home and get your craft on!

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Sam, and thank YOU for inviting me to join this game! I very much enjoyed doing this :)


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