Green fabrics and a recycled bath mat

Hi all!  Today, I wanted to share the fabrics I got from our local Joanns store a few weekends ago. 

I guess I was in a mood of green... I ended up buying all fabrics in green!   
Most of these fabrics are in fat quarters (18" x 22" or 46 cm x 56 cm) or half a yard in sizes and they were all in sale (approximately $2 - $3/yard).

And as a super quick *green* project, I sewed up a simple bath mat using layers of ... old cloth diapers!

As you already know, cloth diapers are super water-absorbent, and it makes a really comfy bath mat. 

I had a pile of unused cloth diapers sitting in our closet for a long time, and I wanted to make good use of it.  These are mostly unused diapers and are in really good condition.

When making this bath mat, I layered two to three layers of cloth diapers, sewed them together randomly from top to bottom.   Then, I simply used pinking shears to cut out four pieces of fabric strips in two different lengths (2 for the width and 2 for the length) and wrapped these strips around all four sides by sewing all layers at once... No binding tapes, or no mitered corners, just wrap the sides with fabric strips and sew them together at once!

Close up of super quick sewing

 I'm not sure if you can tell from this image, but with 2 to 3 layers of cloth diapers (which is made of several layers of cotton fabrics to begin with), the mat is pretty thick and cushiony, even without any batting.

This one is another *diaper* bath mat I made a while ago using patchworked strips for the sides.  
Our kids use this almost everyday after they take shower.

This is a super quick project (I cheated and cut many steps :P) , so if you have old cloth diapers sitting in your house like me, you should also make one of these!

It's eco-friendly and very practical, too ;)


PY said...

Amy. I can see that you like polka dots too. The fabric you bought are sweet and pretty.I am sure you will make some beautiful stuff out of them ! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! And yes, I love polka dots, as well as gingham checks, floral prints, stripes, vintage prints, linens, ... and the list goes on! I mean, I guess I love all sorts of fabrics ;)

cocostitch said...

independence dayのセールの時に行こうかな~なんて思っています。布山は増えるばかりですね~(汗)

Unknown said...

cocostitch さん、コメありがとう♪ そうなんですよ~布山は増える一方…なのに、実は私も今週末の independence day sale へはついフラフラと足を運んでしまいそうです。これじゃどれだけ頑張ってミシン踏んでも追いつかないよ~(涙)。


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