Hawaiian (eraser) stamps and fabrics


No, I'm not in Hawaii right now. (I wish!)   I am just in a Hawaiian mood, inspired by these Hawiian print fabrics...

Linen/cotton blend fabric from Japan

Cotton/poly fabric in Hibiscus prints

100% cotton Hawaii inspired print from Japan

I love Hawaii and Hawaiian print fabrics! 

Mahalo (thank you) and hope you're enjoying your summer ;)


PY said...

The fabric are so colourful and pretty ! You make me wanted to go to Hawaii !
Your curving skill is so good. I love three of them ! Well done !

Unknown said...

Thanks for the compliments, PY, but actually, I'm not really good at stamp carving, and I can only carve simple and small eraser stamps right now. But one day, I wish I can carve bigger and detailed stamps, such as stamps of lace motif or something...!


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