Repurposed kitchen mat finished

 I managed to finish this repurposed/recycled kitchen mat made out of old sheets and used kids' clothings.

I brought this to work, carried it in my car, and I even worked on this in my bed over the past few days. (And of course, my hubby wasn't surprised at all to see his wife making a big kitchen mat in the bed, because he knows how weird I am by now... ha ha!)

Yes, it's a bit wonky, and there are some questionable stitches here and there, but I guess I can still live with it, because after all, it's just another kitchen mat made of old sheets :P

Close up of crochet stitches

Excuse me with my bare feet... I just wanted to give you an idea of the size of the mat.

I still have a mountain of old sheets in our house, so I guess I shall keep making one of these for every room in our house!

By the way, do you remember those peacock babies born in our back yard about a month ago?

We hadn't seen the entire clan for quite a while (they moved out soon after they hatched), but yesterday, we saw the mommy bird walking on our backyard fence and making the usual peacock noises!

However, to our mystery, she was alone, without her babies...

Our kids and I are wondering how her chicks are doing.
Wherever they are right now, we just hope that the baby birds are alive and doing well...!!!

Oops, I gotta go now.  Hope you all have a good remaining week :)


Meeks said...

yay! It looks great! I love the colours you choose. Yoku dekimashita ne!

PY said...

Hi, Amy, thanks for sharing. I love your recycled mat. I really want to give this a try one day .

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies!! I'm already using this mat in our house, not in our kitchen but at the back yard entrance area, where the kids wipe their dirty feet all the time :P

Meeks - I'm so glad you liked the colors! Yatta-!

PY - Crocheting always gives me a nice change of pace from sewing, so you should definitely give it a try ;)

kat said...

Wow that's a lot of work! Did you ask hubby to massage your hands?? Love love your work!!

Unknown said...

Hi, kat! Your comments made me chuckle! I never thought about asking my hubby to massage my hands after making this mat... but why not?! Thanks for suggesting ;)


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