Summer top finished

This week was pretty crazy for us, with several end-of-the-school year activities going on at our kids' school, but look!  I somehow managed to finish this simple summer top tonight : )

This top has no zippers or button holes to sew, but it still was a challenge for me.   The blouse pattern is from this Japanese sewing book.   

The original pattern was intended for an one-piece dress, but I arranged a bit by shortening the length and also adding strings in the back.

The strings can be tied like this in the back.

The most stressful part for me was finishing the neck and armholes with the bias tapes...

In the beginning, making my own bias tape from scratch sounded like a tedious job, but after all, it wasn't that bad.

I used the Clover bias tape maker, which was a very convenient tool.

Initially, I was planning to make this summer top using 100%  linen, but as you know, linen can be quite costly (especially if I screw up!)    So, instead, I used the washed denim/cotton fabric that I snatched from a local Joanns' remnant section for $4/yard.

I'm not totally satisfied with the design of this top but I guess shouldn't be complaining too much, as it only cost me $4 bucks (and few nights) to sew this top...

No matter how crazy my life can be, and no matter how our kids drive me nuts during this l-o-n-g summer vacation (and I know they will!), I can keep myself calm and happy  as long as I can find time to craft... especially if I can find time to sew!

Happy sewing : )


PY said...

This top looks very comfy and breezy , perfect for summer!I like the blue fabric you used.I supposed you must be planning to sew more clothing after this one, right ?

Unknown said...

Yes, PY, definitely, I'm planning to sew more clothing! The best thing about sewing own clothing is that as soon as it's sewn up, I can wear it and enjoy it from the next moment. All I need is more practice to sew like you, PY ;)


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