Cinnamoroll wristlet

This is something I quickly whipped up last night after my kids went to bed...
It's a Cinnamoroll wristlet/pencil pouch, made for a nine year old girl's birthday gift.

Cinnamoroll is a white puppy character from Japan, and every time my younger daughter (8 yrs) selects a fabric for her friend's gift, she picks this fabric (which I don't have much more left in my stash).

I really enjoy making handmade gifts for our girls and their friends,
but I just wish that my kids give me a longer notice...

Lining and zipper is light blue.

For instance, it was past 9 p.m. last night (Friday night) when my eight year old told me that she needs a gift for her friend by next morning (which is today)...!
Talk about short notices around here :(

Bottom view

Our girls goes to a Japanese school on every Saturday mornings, and I guess she wanted to bring her friend a gift to school today, which she had forgotten about it until late last night...

My daughter quickly wrote up a birthday card this morning, placed it inside the wrapping bag along with the handmade wristlet, and the gift was ready to go!

I hope the nine year old recipient likes the gift... :)

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Did I say I was nine.hah.ah.ah.h.a.a.

Unknown said...

Yes, Jeannie, I knew that you were nine... a very talented nine year old I mean!! LOL :)

culvergirl said...


Unknown said...


生地ですが、このシナモロール生地は数年前に日本でゲットしました。でも普段私が使っている布地はほとんどこちらで調達していますよ。日本の生地は etsy などオンラインで手に入りますが、私の場合は近所に日本の生地屋さんがあるのでそこを利用することが多いかな(残念ながらそのお店はオンライン販売はしていませんが)。あとはやはりJoannや IKEAなどでも時々掘り出し物があるのでチェックしています~。

PY said...

So neatly sewn and lovely !


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