Reusable sandwich bags for our girls

Here is something that I sewed up a few weeks ago,
but haven't had a chance to post it here on my blog, because our girls have been using them all the time.

These are reusable sandwich bags, measuring approximately 7 inches x 7 inches, that  can hold sandwiches, tacos, hamburgers, and even rice balls inside snugly ;) 

Outside is 100 %cotton, and inside is vinyl coated cotton, which can be easily wipe cleaned or machine washed. 

The velcro closure is very convenient, and most of all, they're reusable and eco-friendly!

Our girls packed their lunches inside these bags today,
and they will bring them to school again tomorrow :)


Farah said...

Cute project... and lovely too
Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy

Wendy said...

These are really sweet! Lovely fabric. I always find it funny that in America you use brown paper bags for your lunch - we have lunch boxes in England!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, Farah and Wendy!

Wendy, when I was growing up in Japan, I, too, found it funny about the brown paper lunch bags used here in the U.S... In Japan, we usually wrap the lunch "bento" boxes in fabric covers or pouches and almost never use the brown bags :)


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