Crocheted iPhone cozy with *shimmery* yarn

Yesterday, I crocheted this iPhone cozy for my new iPhone.

After several months (or even years) of consideration, I finally replaced my old cell phone with the iPhone, and I can't be happier.  (Although I realize that I'm just too low-tech to be the latest smart phone user myself...:P

I love glittery and shimmery items, so I used this shimmery yarn (in silver) that I got from our local Joann store to make this iPhone cozy.  It's really a pretty yarn with lots of shimmer!

I began crocheting on Saturday afternoon...

But after several rows of crocheting, I realized that the size was too big for my iPhone,
so I had to unravel everything and start all over again, which is very common when I crochet :P

With my second attempt, a snugly fitting iPhone cozy was completed several hours later...  Phew.

Side view

I used a lace covered button to hold the handle on one side.

I think this handmade *shimmery* silver iPhone cozy matches perfectly with my *shimmery* silver bag that I use everyday.  (See, I told you I love shimmery things...!)

I love to make small items like this one with crochet.
  It simply gives me a sense of accomplishment even when I'm too busy to tackle larger projects.

Well,  thanks for visiting and hope you have a good week!!



Toru said...

This is really sweet!

cocostitch said...


PY said...

Gorgeous ! Such a pretty iPhone cozy ! I love it .

Jessica said...

What a pretty little cosy - love the shimmery yarn. I always start to big too when I crochet cosy's as I always want them to be a snug fit and forget how stretchy crochet can be.

Farah said...

Pretty cute, very lovely

Unknown said...

Thank you so much my fellow crafty ladies for your lovely comments!! I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who likes the shimmer, glitter, and the sparkly things ;)


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