Do you know Rilakkuma??

Do you know Rilakkuma?

Basically, he is a popular toy bear character from Japan.
He loves easy life and enjoys relaxing and lying around all day long...

There are many character goods featuring Rilakkuma sold in Japan,
and our girls like this bear character, too.

So, per request from our daughters, I made these drawstring bags 
with applique of Rilakkuma faces on the front.

I picked up white and black fleece from my stash for these bags,
and for the Rilakkuma faces, I used felts.

I appliqued the felt Rilakkuma faces on to fleece bag with hand stitching.

These may look like regular teddy bear faces to you, but I tried my best
to resemble Rilakkuma's face... 

Brown Rilakkuma

Grey Rilakkuma

By the way, these fleece drawstring bags (featuring Rilakkuma) are used to hold these "hotties" or hot water bottle holders for bed at night time.

We like to use these "hotties" for bed when we go to sleep.
They keep our feet warm throughout the night and they keep our utility bills low, too!

Now, our girls are sleeping with these Rilakkuma covered "hotties" every night in bed...
I hope they sleep tight with good dreams of Rilakkuma... maybe?


Anonymous said...

You captured those perfect! so adorable and I'm sure the girls are loving them!!

culvergirl said...



Speckled Hen said...

Your bears are gorgeous! I love teddy bears!!

sweetTarap said...

I saw this bear before but I did not know its name. Now i know it from your blog. :D

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jeannie, culvergirl, Speckled Hen, and sweetTarap, for your friendly comments!

From the very first night I made these Rilakkuma "hottie" covers, they are used by our girls (and being kicked by them in bed every night!) I just hope that the appliqued bear faces won't come off after such harsh use :D

PY said...

Cute ! Your girls are so lucky . These lovely " hottie " would ensure they could have warm and sound sleep ,right ?


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