2 way tote bag (red flowers)


Today, I wanted to show you something that I made a while ago, but haven't had a chance to post here on my blog.  It's a gift set that consists of a 2 way tote bag, a pouch, and a key fob, all made of matching red flower fabric.

You remember this 2 way elephant tote bag that I whipped up for my younger sis a while ago?  Well, this time, my sis asked me to make the same bag, using a different fabric, for her good friend as a birthday gift.

My sis selected this red flower fabrics (home decor weight) for her friend.  First I thought that this print may be a little too loud and flashy, but after looking at the finished items, I thought it turned out okay. Or I should say, it turned out very pretty!

Below, a green tree cotton tape is attached to the side of the outside bag pocket as a "tag".


In the past, I've made several projects for my family members as gifts to them (for free of charge, of course), but this time, my sis insisted that she was willing to pay me for this gift set.  So, without any hesitation, I gladly accepted money from my sis (which was actually nice :D).  

Well, after all, my sis knows about my Japan Relief fundraising efforts through my handmade creations, and I think she wanted to support me through her payments.  Thanks, sis, for your generous payment toward my fundraising efforts!

Just like many other bags that I create, this bag is also reversible.  This is the reversible side of the 2 way tote bag.  I actually like this reversible side more!

Although it may look like solid navy, I used navy x white polka dots cotton for this side.

 According to my sis, her friend seemed to like the gift set, which made me very happy and relieved, too!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I look forward to come back soon ;)  Your visits to my blog and comments, especially, are really encouraging and I am very thankful for every one of you crafty and kind folks out there!!  Arigato always to you all ;)

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PY said...

What a lovely gift set ! The fabric you used is just too sweet !


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