Kitchen mats for my sis

I had been really busy over this past week and I haven't really had a chance to do anything creative : ( 

All I could manage was to sew two of these kitchen mats for my younger sis #1 who lives in Japan.  (I have two younger sis and two younger bros, all living in Japan, and this sis#1 recently got married and moved into a new house).

I simply patchworked several matching cottons in blue/navy tone, and sandwiched two layers of fleece batting to add a little softness to the feet...

I don't even know if the blue color matches her new kitchen or not, but even if they don't, I guess I'll just make another mats for her... So just let me know if you want them in different colors, sis :P

 The back side of the mats are a simple navy/white floral prints.  I thought a print like these would hide all the messiness that can result from cooking and eating.

Speaking about the kitchen, we just began to remodel our old and worn out kitchen from this week.

Here's a sneak peek of how our kitchen looks like right now...  Yes, it's literally empty.   Our contractor took out all of our cabinets, tiles, refrigerator, dishwasher, and everything else in our kitchen!

Living without our kitchen is tougher than I had imagined.  Before the construction began, I had been cooking in my kitchen almost everyday for my family, so it's so inconvenient to live without a kitchen.

Anyways, when our kitchen work is done, I plan to make new kitchen mats for myself, too.  And I can't wait for that day to come...!!!


PY said...

I love blue colour !
Such nice kitchen mats. I think I won't step on them If I were your sis.hehehe!.....

cocostitch said...

Wow! これは本当に本当にリモデルですね!ちょっと直すところじゃないですね!

Farah said...

Hi Amy... so nice... love the colour... quuite un usual . looks great...
Visit me if you can.. its a sewing project hope you like it

Mika said...

All the best with your renovations!

I saw this post and thought of you:

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your warm comments!

PY - It seems like my sis likes these new kitchen mats in blue :)

cocostitch - キッチンリモデル、そりゃもう大変でしたがやっと工事は終了しました…(涙)! 新しいキッチン用に、私も自分用のキッチンマットを作る予定ですが、cocoさん同様に、どんなのがいいのか?思案中です~。

Farah-Thank you! Now I need to make my own kitchen mats, but it's so hard to pick the right fabrics for myself...!!

meeks - Domo arigato for the great tips!! They were very encouraging! My kitchen work is finally over, and I feel so relieved and happy :D

Charley29 said...

great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)


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