Zakka Style patchworked flex frame pouches

Hello my fellow crafter/blogger friends!

I just listed these patchworked flex frame pouches in my etsy shop :)  Yes, my Japan Relief fundraising effort is still going on, and 100% proceeds from the sales of these flex frame pouches will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Let me show you some images of these convenient pouches on this post today...

10 cm (4 inches) flex frames are used at the opening.

Flex frame pouches squeeze open very easily... with just one hand.

These pouches are fully padded with fleece batting, which makes it safe to carry valuables/fragile items inside, such as eye glasses.

It measures approximately 4 inches (10 cm) wide and 7.5 inches (19 cm) tall, from top to bottom.  It's a good size to carry pens and pencils, crochet hooks, sanitary items, craft items and notions, or any other miscellaneous items inside.

On the side of the pouches, I placed a small "tag" to add that little cuteness...  Here, a Japanese ribbon tape with a flower print is attached as a "tag".

 For this "leaves and dots" pouch, I attached a handmade "tag" on to the side.

The handmade "tag" shown in the above image is made from my hand carved eraser stamp.  The hand stamped cotton tape is carefully pressed with high temperature iron, to set the flower print permanently on to the tape.

I love the zakka style look of these flex frame pouches :) 

Well, I've been working on several handmade projects nightly, but I just couldn't find enough time to post about them on my blog here :(   For me, whenever I can find any spare time for myself, I always end up sitting in my crafting area, and not in front of the computer... I wish I had enough time to both craft AND to blog, and not either or...  But after all, I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much, as long as I can find time to craft at least ;)

Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon! 


Ruth said...

I like these pouches a lot! They take me back to schooldays and a little flex frame purse I had for my lunch wasn't as pretty as these though...

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute and I love the stamps you have done. I would rather see you craft and post to Flickr if you have to chose :)

Wendy said...

These are lovely. Do you have to use a special ink to stamp on fabric?

PY said...

Your handmade flex frame pouches are so lovely. I hope to try making flex frame pouches one day...^o^.

amy / chick chick sewing said...

Thank you, ladies, for lovely comments!

Jeannie - You're right...I guess I shall just post on Flickr and keep on crafting, when I don't have time to blog here ;)

Wendy - I use a stamp called "tsukineko versa magic", which is shown on the above image in this post, that can be used on various surfaces, including fabric. Just don't forget to press with iron for few seconds to set the ink when you use any stamps on fabric :)


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