Crocheting a small bag

I crocheted a small bag, using a gold sparkly yarn, which is one of my favorites.
Would you like to know how small the bag is?

Well, as you can see, it's so small that it can sit on my palm like this!

Here, I attached a chain to the *tiny* bag to make it into a necklace...

Or I can shorten the chain and hang it to my handbag like this.

This morning, I noticed that tomorrow is the last day of September, and I overheard our girls talking about what they want to be for this year's Halloween (October 31).   And I'm thinking... it's Halloween already?  Then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year... OMG I'm feeling old again (lol)...

Well, I am going to enjoy my autumn days with more crafty moments (hopefully) before we hit that  holiday rush again this year.  Good bye September, and hello October.  Hope you treat me kindly ;)


kat said...

I bought two huge bags of halloween candy yesterday..oh oh ... I am loving that little bag, so kawaii. ^*^

cocostitch said...

AMyさんこんにちは。今回の作品、小さいですね~。お見事です!!ラメの毛糸ですよね?キラキラ光ってる。そして、10月は目の前ですよね!!ウチの息子は今年もカウボーイになるというので、今年は何も用意しなくて良さそうです♪ 引っ越してから、初めてのハロウィーン。キャンディーも用意しておいた方がいいですよね。近所の子が来るかもしれないし。怒涛の年末まであっという間ですよー。倒れないように、頑張って乗り切りましょうね!

PY said...

Sooooo CUTE !

Inas Fadil Basymeleh said...


Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your sweet comments!!

@Kat - You're such a well prepared person for getting Halloween candies in late... September!!

@Cocostitch - 本当にお互いに怒涛の年末に向けて倒れないように気をつけましょう…。ハロウイーンキャンディー、買いおきはしたほうがいいと思いますが、我が家は今から買ってしまうと当日までにはなくなってしまうのでいつもギリギリに用意してますよー。

@PY - Thank you, and oh I love your new image of a sewing lady!

@inasbasymeleh - Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment!! Happy crafting :)


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