Handmade room slippers

I made a new pair of room slippers for myself.  
I have cold feet (and hands), and I wear socks and/or room slippers throughout the year when I'm home.

To prevent from slipping, the back sides of the slipper soles are made of synthetic leather, which are machine washable.

The slipper exterior is made of 100% linen (navy blue).  For the lining,  I used 100% cotton double gauze fabric (roses on pale blue) which makes it very comfy to slip my feet inside!

Inside out of the slippers looks like this.     You really can't tell from the image, but for the sole part, there are two layers of fleece batting sandwiched between the double gauze lining and the synthetic leather sole  (which makes it a total of four layers).

I used slippers pattern from this Japanese craft magazine and made some minor adjustments.  The slipper size is approximately size 5-6 in U.S. women's sizes, or 23 cm - 24 cm in metric size, which fit me perfectly :)

Magazine Title: Cotton Friend  2011 Spring edition (vol. 38)

Publisher: Boutique-sha

Image from the magazine.

It was my first attempt to sew handmade slippers on my own, and boy, how it was challenging!!
I almost gave up during the process... but after several trial and errors, I was glad to be able to complete it. Phew...


Above, my slippers are worn by my older daughter, whose height and shoe sizes are almost identical as mine (and she's only eleven years old!)


Wendy said...

These are great slippers! I've tried to make slippers in the past but failed, I must try again.

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking your time to leave me sweet comments!!

@Wendy - Yes, sewing slippers is SO challenging... but I think it worth trying. I wear mine everyday now and loving it!

@cocostitch - 私は花柄好きなのでつい自分用のものは花柄になりがちですが、娘達は花柄が苦手みたいなんですよ。(花柄は)ばばーくさい、っていつも言われてます(苦笑)。

PY said...

Oh ! I love this pair of lovely slippers of yours! I am longing to try making a pair of fabric slippers ,but life is just too too too busy in this few months. May be I will give it a try at the end of this year.:P.

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY :) I hope that you can find time soon to start sewing again, as sewing is our mutual passion!!


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