Handmade kitchen scrubbie with a ribbon

For a quick project, I crocheted a square shaped kitchen scrubbie using 100% acrylic yarn from my yarn stock.   I've made a couple of these scrubbies in the past , in different shapes and colors, and I find them very useful, eco-friendly, and gentle on my hands, when I do the dishes.  BTW it's machine washable and dryer safe.

Of course I still use the ordinary detergents and a kitchen sponge when I clean greasy dishes or after I cut meat, poultry, fish, etc., but for non-greasy dishes, cups, and utensils, these kitchen scrubbies do the job just fine.  These acrylic scrubbies work just like microfibers so in most cases, they make the dishes and glasses even shinier.

The size of this scrubbie is approximately 5 " x 5 ", or 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm.   I did not follow any pattern to make this, I simply double crocheted several rows and then added a simple edging all around and a loop at the end.   Yes, I know that white ribbon at the corner of the scrubbie wasn't really necessary, but I just wanted to add a little cuteness to our kitchen sink... ;)

I will hang this scrubbie like this at our sink.

Happy crocheting and happy dish washing!  ...Well, hopefully ;)


Farah Muzaffar said...

Hi Amy .... what a neat idea ... very practical... I will try some crochet atleast for this useful project...
I am sharing a treasure of Hand Embroidery, hope you like to come and see some traditional motifs and stitches

Unknown said...

Hello, Farah! I love to sew and I love to crochet, but whenever I have a spare time outside of my craft room, I enjoy crocheting these small and quick projects like this one :D Hope you're enjoying your crafty moments, too!!

PY said...

How nice to use such crubble in the kitchen! Just wish I could be as good as you in crocheting. :P

Unknown said...

PY - Well, actually, I'm not that good in crocheting after all. And I wish that I could be as good as YOU in sewing to be able to create beautiful clothing for myself, just like you always do for yourself ;) Love, Amy


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