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hanging sachets, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing (amy).

Hello all! Hope you're enjoying your spring days :)

Here in the U.S., the tax season is finally over (phew!) and our girls are back to school from their one week spring break.   Which means that I'm back to my regular schedule, and back to blogging time :)

Actually I've made a couple of handmade items lately, but I just haven't had a chance and time to post them on my blog :(

So here are some of my latest creations.

 Hanging sachets using my favorite Japanese imported fabric.  These sachets are literally packed with dried lavenders and they smell soooooo good!

The back sides look like this.  As you can see, I used different backing fabrics (organza and light weight linen) for these sachets, to see which one works better.  Organza is slightly trickier to sew than the light weight linen, but it is certainly better when it comes to the aroma of lavender...Ahhhh!

Next runner up is a flap pouch with a leather cord and wood bead.   Linen is used for the interior fabric.  The design of this flap pouch that closes with a wrap around cord is one of Japan's  traditional design that's been around for decades.   I think it was easier to sew these design in the earlier days even when zippers and buttons were not available in Japan...

This pouch is just the right size to fit pens and pencils, and some crochet hooks, too.

I've got a real soft spot for fabrics with cups, saucers, pots, spoons, and anything relating to kitchen items, and this fabric just stole my heart!

So what's your favorite fabric theme??  
Love, Amy***


verykerryberry said...

I am with you Amy on the ktichen theme, gets me every time!

Unknown said...

Yes, Kerry, I knew that we both share the love of anything kitchen theme... And oh how much I adore the Kitchen Classics Patterns in your Sew-Ichigo shop!! You ladies rock!!


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