Crocheted potholder with fabric strip yarn

I recently crocheted a potholder using fabric strip yarn.

You may recall that I've made a couple of crocheted kitchen mats using upcycled fabric strips before, such as this one shown below.

When cotton fabric strips are crocheted into mats with large hooks (I used size P or 11.50 mm hook), they create a sturdy, thick rug that is perfect for heavy use (e.g. our kitchen).

 So this time, I crocheted something smaller than the kitchen mat. 
A potholder using fabric yarns.

 Leather strap is attached at the corner.

 I'm happy with how my potholder turned out.  Well, I shall now enjoy a cup of tea now!

***Love, Amy***


Anonymous said...

I love that! I need to try that sometime too. It has such a warm look to it.

PY said...

What a sweet pretty potholder !

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies :) These potholders are really quick to crochet, mine has only 14 rows with several stitches across. I really love the thickness of these fabric crocheted items - they're perfect for the kitchen!


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