What is your favorite pincushion?

This is one of my favorite pincushions. 

 It's my handmade flower shaped pincushion that is filled with a mixture of poly fill and  wool roving to prevent needles from rusting.

I like to place it in a cup like this to make it handy and user friendly :)

Most of my pins were getting bent from heavy and poor usage by me :( so I replaced them with the new ones.  I like to use thin needles with glass heads. 

But when I found these pins at our local Joann's notions wall, they were too cute to resist!!

It's so apparent that the heart pin to the left are too thick and I don't prefer thick pins...

But they go perfectly with my tiny pincushion with crocheted flower so that's okay ;)

So what is your favorite pincushion?


Anonymous said...

I love how you put that in a cup! I have so many pincushions and I use them all so it's hard to say which is my favorite! I do love the thin pins though and use those mostly but love to use the fun ones for photo's!

Unknown said...

Yes, Jeannie, I know that you have so many pincushions, including those super cute zakka pincushions that you made recently!

I wish I can sew quickly and beautifully, both at the same time, like you always do!!

PY said...

Thank you, Amy, I was inspired by you. I made one wrist flower shaped pincushion for my niece yesterday. :D

Unknown said...

It's alwyas so nice to hear from you, PY! And I'm so glad to hear that I was able to inspire a talented sewist like yourself ;)


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