Granny squares  あまり毛糸でモチーフ編み

 Today I wanted to share with you a quick peek of what I started working on this week during my spare time...
Using leftover yarns from this crochet scarf from last winter, I began stitching some simple granny squares while I wait for my daughters' after school activities.
昨冬に編んだこの小マフラーのあまり毛糸を利用しています。 私の編み物タイムは、主に娘たちの習い事の待ち時間中です。
You can find stitch diagram of this scarf in my earlier post.

The granny squares are not steam ironed yet... so they look very wonky ;)

I'm not exactly sure what these grannies will turn into when they're joined.  We'll see...


I keep a ball of yarn, a hook, a pair of small scissors, and some yarn needles in this handmade drawstring bag.  I carry around this bag wherever I go and I start crocheting whenever I find a chance, even at odd places...
 If you find a short Japanese girl (I'm 5' 1") crocheting granny squares while waiting in line at a local post office, banks, or supermarkets, that's got to be me!  Yes, I'm a weird crochet maniac :D  (lol)
出かけるときはこの手作り巾着バッグの中に、毛糸、編み針、小さなはさみ、毛糸針、などを入れて持ち歩いています。 どこにいても、ちょっとした待ち時間を見つけては編み編みしています。
Happy crocheting and enjoy your weekend!
***Love, Amy***

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