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Hello my fellow craft lovers :)
After several months of absence, I reopened my etsy shop over the weekend. I've been wanting to open my shop sooner, and I can't believe it's been almost six months since I closed my shop...!  But after all, I'm happy now to be able to sit down and make things for my online shop so hope you can stop by if you have a chance! 
I decided to continue my fundraising efforts through my shop sales to support the "Ashinaga" organization of Japan (あしなが育英会). All shop sales made during 2012, including the sales generated between March to July of this year, will be donated to the organization.
As you may recall from my earlier post, the word "Ashinaga" means "Daddy Long Legs" in Japanese, and this organization supports the Japanese orphans both emotionally and financially. 
今年の初めのショップ売上金と、年内いっぱいのハンドメイド作品の売上金の総額(送料を除く)を「あしなが育英会」に寄付させていただくことにしました。 ご存知の通り、「あしなが育英会」は、病気や災害、自死(自殺)などで親を亡くした子どもたちや、親が重度後遺障害で働けない家庭の子どもたちを物心両面で支える日本の民間非営利団体です。
As a Japanese national living away from my home country, I wanted to continue to do my part to support the earthquake and tsunami victims that struck Japan in March 2011.
As a mother of young children, my heart  especially goes to those children who lost their parent(s) from the natural disaster. I know that I can't do much, but I still wanted to do something to help those in need. You know that I love to craft, and if I can make an even teeny tiny difference to those children in need through my love of craft, I can't be happier!
You can read more about my fundraising efforts in this post and this post.
2011年3月の東日本大震災から1年以上が経過し、海外で暮らす日本人として、そして私自身2児の母として、昨年の大災害で片親、または両親を亡くした震災遺児、津波遺児の子供たちのために微力ながらも何かお手伝いできたら幸いです。 特に、私の大好きな手芸を通してお力になれたらこれ以上嬉しいことはありません!
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So, here are the Japanese style bento bags (lunch bags) that are newly added to my shop.  All of these bags are made of quality Japanese imported heavy cotton or cotton/linen blend that are very durable.
Bento bag made of Echino Decoro fabric (green)
デザイナー古家悦子さんのテキスタイルブランド echinoの生地で。

This one features the Matryoshka and Dala Horse. I love the folklore taste of this heavy weight cotton.
Retro Animals version. I combined it with green x white gingham check top closure fabric.
This bento bag is made from my favorite Melody Miller collection.  You may recall from this earlier post.
For all of these bento bags, the layer of insulation is sandwiched in between the exterior and interior fabrics to keep food, snacks, and drinks inside the bag cold or hot for hours. The bag can also be used to carry baby food and formula.

  I attached embellished fabric balls made with coordinating fabrics to the drawstring ends to add the zakka style charm to the bag.
The bags opens and closes with convenient drawstring closure, and the straps are made of durable cotton webbing.


 These bags lay flat when not in use, which saves some space in your kitchen (hopefully).

Besides the bento bags, I've also listed these Patchwork Flex Frame pouches that are perfect to be used as sunglasses holder, pens and pencil case, crochet hook case, and more!
Patchwork flex frame pouches (non quilted)

These are the machine quilted version.

 I will be back for more pictures soon!  Thanks for visiting and hope you have a wonderful week! My goal for this week (and the weeks following) is to create more items for my shop throughout this holiday season.

今日も最後までお付き合いくださってありがとうございます。 皆さんも良い1週間をお過ごし下さいね。 私は今後しばらくは時間を見つけてはショップにアイテムを補充できるように頑張ります♪

***Love, Amy***
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