Bobble Stitch Flex Frame Pouch ***玉編みのバネ口ポーチ***

Isn't this an uniquely designed pouch? It's a flex frame pouch made of crochet bobble stitches. I found these bobbles so fun to stitch with, and love the bobbly and wobbly texture of it :)

Image of bobble stitch from Crochet! and Crochet World website
玉編みイメージ図。 実際には長編み3目一度の玉編みで編みました。
The pouch is worked in round from the bottom.

Metallic/glittery yarns are used: Vanna's Glamour (Silver): two strands and Caron Simply Soft Party (Fuchsia Sparkle): one strand
Crochet hook(かぎ針): 4.0 m/m or F


I made changes here and there, but basically followed a pattern from this Japanese crochet book:
The book is filled with patterns of pretty bags, pouches, scarves, etc.
ISBN-10: 4863223390
ISBN-13: 978-4863223394


Small projects like this one can be finished quickly, which is perfect for an impatient crocheter like myself (lol). I look forward to make many of these quick and fun items using small blocks of spare time that I tend to have throughout the day.
小さな小物はすぐに編めるのでせっかちな私向きです(笑)。 今年も、すきま時間を使って楽しく編み物したいな。

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