Crochet granny chair pad かぎ針編みの丸モチーフ2枚で円座

Do you remember this crochet granny round that I posted on my last post?
Well, I kept on working on it using my yarn stash, until it was approximately 15" (38 cm) diameter in size. 

When I first began crochting this granny round, I wasn't sure what I was going to make out of this.  After some thoughts, I decided to make a chair pad for our stool to warm my butt during the cold season (lol).

To make a warm and cushion-y layered chair pad, I crocheted another round pad using similar colored yarns. But this time using double strands of yarns for extra softness and durability.

Two crocheted rounds completed.
Close up of the second crocheted round pad.
With wrong sides facing, I joined two layers of crocheted rounds together with slip stitch.

The reversible crochet granny chair pad is completed.

Here's the reversible side.

 I like the retro look of this chair pad. I may use this for my car's driving seat instead. It was also a good project to use up my left over yarn stash (although I still have alot more stash left in the boxes!)
Happy crocheting and hope you are enjoying your February days :)
少々派手ですが(苦笑)、レトロな感じの円座に仕上がって満足しています。車の運転席の座布団として使うのもいいかも? 余り毛糸の消化にもつながり、良かったです。でもまだまだ毛糸在庫はたくさんありますが・・・。


Wendy said...

this is lovely! I may do this to my stools too, though I think I'd have to add elastic to keep them in place.

Unknown said...

Hello Wendy :) Adding elastic sounds like a good idea! In fact I thought about it, too ;) Although I didn't add elastic to this one because I wanted to use it in my car, at my office chair, and other places beside using it for our stool!

Anyways, thanks for your lovely comments and happy crocheting♪♪♪

Julie said...

This is great!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie!

I enjoyed visiting your inspirational and beautiful blog with lots of color! Happy crafting :)


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