Hair scrunchie for young girls 簡単シュシュを手作り

I did a quick sewing for my eleven year old daughter.  I made her a hair scrunchie.

My daughter selected the fabric.  She chose this fabric with small golden hearts on pink background.  It's a Japanese imported fabric.
生地は娘が選びました。 ピンク地に金色のハート柄のこの生地が気に入ったようです。 

I ended up making four hair scrunchies, one for my girl and the rest for her friends at school.  Hope the girls like these handmade hair accessories!

Can you believe that this Friday will be the first day of March, already?  Hope you all have a wonderful week!
今週金曜日はもう3月。 皆さんもどうか良い1週間をお過ごしください♪
Love, Amy


PY said...

Sweet! What beautiful hair she has !

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY, for your compliment about my daughter's hair! My youngest daughter (11 years old) is very self concious about her hair so she will be very happy to hear your comments :)


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