Slim patchwork pencil case スリムタイプのペンケース

Do you ever have a hard time finding a pen in your purse when you're on the go and need it the most? 

Well, it happens to me all the time.  I always carry at least one or two pens in my purse, but for some reason they get lost somewhere in my purse when I need them.  Often times I end up borrowing a pen from a shop clerk or a nice looking stranger to take notes or to sign papers...


To solve the problem, I whipped up a light and slim pencil case for myself.  The pattern is my original. I like how it turned out, although the length of the case seems a bit long than I had intended to be (I used a 9" zipper).  I plan to shorten the length the next time I make this one.


A small cotton tape is sewn to one end of the zipper to add a zakka taste.


And a cotton cord and wood bead are attached to the zipper pull for easy zipper opening.


Fabrics used (使用した生地): Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury collection 

 Now I can keep my pens in this handy case and carry it with me at all times, without taking too much space in my purse. This way, I have easy access to my pens whenever I need it on the go. Which means no more missing pens in my purse (hopefully!) 

Hope you have a happy week with your pens handy (lol)!



***Love, Amy***


Vicki said...

I want to learn how to make bags and totes! Zipper applications.

Judy H said...

totes....with a new baby and crafting, can't have enough totes.


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