Sewing Rilakkuma and Cinnamoroll Drawstring Bags for our Girls  娘達に、リラックマ&シナモロールの巾着袋

Unlike here in the U.S. where most schools' academic year begins in fall, the schools in Japan start in April.  

Based on the Japanese academic calendar, new school year just kicked off early this month at our girls' Japanese language schools. And of course, they wanted new drawstring bags for their bento boxes (lunch boxes) to bring to school.


Our girls' ages are thirteen and eleven, yet they still prefer these Japanese character (novelty) prints, such as Rilakkuma and Cinamoroll...  

And I can't blame them, because I still adore Hello Kitty, after more than thirty years of love! (Did you know that Hello Kitty will turn age 40 next year or in 2014? She's a middle-aged creature by now! lol )


それもそのはず。母親の私もいまだにキティちゃんのファンなのですから! ところでそのキティちゃんも来年(2014年)にはいよいよ四十路に突入するらしいです。 あんなに可愛い顔してても、キティももう中年なのね。笑。

These drawstring bags are made without lining. I serged all the edges before sewing them together.  This type of no-lining drawstring bags are commonly used in Japan.


You may recall this Rilakkuma bento lunch bag that I made for our daughters earlier... Our youngest daughter still use this everyday.


And here's another Rilakkuma water bottle holder that I made for oldest daughter.

そしてこれは長女のために、やはり昨年作った水筒カバー。 これまたリラックマですね~。

It was such a fun project for me to sew these drawstring bags for our girls.  Hope they enjoy going to their Japanese schools as much as I enjoyed making these! 


***Love, Amy***


Hiromi said...

It's funny that I didn't like those cute characters before I had a girl and after my daughter was born Hello Kitty started looking cuter and cuter to my eyes. There might be a psychological study about this symptom! Your drawstring bags definitely look cute!

Unknown said...

Hiromi-san, that is such an interesting aspect. We should definitely do an extensive research about "why girl moms adore Hello Kitty"! lol.

Hope you started off May with lots of happy and crafty moments!

elnorac said...

Such sweet little bags! Simple, and perfectly functional. The girls are lucky to have such a talented mom!

Unknown said...

Thank you, elnorac! I don't know if our girls appreciate their mom's sewing... But it sure makes me happy to see them use my handmade stuff :)


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