Pear shaped pincushion 洋梨のピンクッション

I'm so happy that I finally had a chance to create something that was on my "to-do" list for a long time. I made a pear shaped pincushion using my fabric stash. 

ずっと作りたかったものがやっと作れてとても嬉しい気持ちです♪ 洋梨の形のピンクッションが出来上がりました。

This pear has four sides, and selecting four coordinating fabrics was the fun part.


I loosely followed a pattern from this book: Super-cute Doorstops by Emma Hardy.  
As the title says, this is a super cute book with lots of adorable ideas to create one of a kind doorstops! 


本と著者名:Super-cute Doorstops by Emma Hardy

From the book: Lovely Russian Doll doorstop.


How adorable is this Gingerbread house doorstop?


And here is the Pear doorstop from the book. I changed the size and the materials used to convert it into a pincushion.

本で紹介されていた洋梨のドアストッパーです。 私は今回このドアストッパーを参考に、サイズと材料を変えてピンクッションに作りかえました。

When I stuffed it with poly fill, I added dried red beans, or adzuki beans, from our kitchen to add weight to the pear.  I think rice or other dried beans will work as well.


I'm thinking that this pincushion can also be used as paperweight by adding more dried beans, rice, or other heavier materials. This pear is a nice addition to my sewing table!


Oh and before I go, I wanted to share with you that I opened a Facebook page of my own. So hop on over to check it out!

今日のお知らせ:Facebook を開設しました。もしよかったら一度覗いてみてくださいね。

Facebook: Amy Morinaka

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!!


***Love, Amy***


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Hi Amy! Your pear is adorable! I love the fabrics you used. They look great together! I will have to find this book, because I must make that gingerbread house doorstop!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! The marinara sauce came out very good, if I do say so myself :) Thanks so much for the compliments on my stitching!

Unknown said...

Hello Bobbypin Bandit! Thanks so much for stopping by with lovely comments ;) Hope you continue to enjoy your stitchy moments...!


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