Fabric covered super strong magnets

"mini apple" magnets

Recently, I made many many fabric covered magnets for my shop.  These magnets can be used on the refrigerator doors, white message boards, office cabinets, lockers, and more!

All of these magnets comes in a set of five.   And all of them are made of Japanese cotton prints.

When making fabric covered magnets, I use these rare earth magnets from this shop.  These magnets are super strong and durable.   Not weak and cheap ones!!

Here are the different versions of magnets that I made...

"Red apples" magnets

"Pink heart and strawberry" magnets

"Cute Poodles" magnets

"Matryoshka Russian doll (white)" magnets

"Matryoshka Russian doll (gray)" magnets

These magnets come in pretty packaging - which I think is great for gifts :)

Thanks for viewing, and hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!


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amy/chick chick sewing said...

Cocostitchさんのコメントからはいつも元気をもらっています。どうもありがとう♪ ショップへの商品アップはアイデアは色々と沸いてくるのですが、何と言っても作品作りの時間を作るのが最大の悩みです! 


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