More pouches in my shop

I've been sewing like a maniac lately... and I added some of my recent projects, or these girly pencil pouches with handles in my shop today.  

These pouches have flat bottom and it's roomy enough to hold many many pencils, pens, erasers, and other small items for young girls.  It can also be used as small bags to store keys, lipcreams, accessories, etc. to carry around.

Strawberries with dots pencil pouch

Cute animals and candies pencil pouch

Little girl in pink pencil pouch

And besides the above girly pencil pouches, I've also added these lace doily on linen pouches to my shop a few days ago...

Just like the pencil pouches, for these doily linen pouches, 9 inch zippers are used for the zipper closure and they are fully padded with fleece batting for extra security.

Details around the zipper and side tabs...  A small "key" charm is attached to the zipper pull.

Lining is blue floral Japanese cotton fabric (for the white doily pouch).

And pink floral Japanese cotton fabric is used for the antique brown lace doily pouch.

After sewing up these pouches over the past few days,  I am still excited to sew more pouches soon ;)    Oh, I just wish I had more time to sew! 

Okay, my dream day will look like this...  to sit in front of my sewing machine from morning to night (without worrying about our kids, my p/t work, dinner menu, cleaning the house, our daily laundry, or anything else)... and whenever I get a little tired of sewing, I'll change my pace and begin crocheting... then I'll go back to sewing again... and the routine continues throughout the day... For snack break, I'll probably have a chocolate ice cream and some green tea, or some wine and cheese will be great too ;)

Ha ha! How does that sound?   I know, I'm crazy ;P   But being crazy is really fun!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing to all of you!


Speckled Hen said...

Lovely pouches! Look forward to receiving mine - I shall use it as my makeup pouch on the go.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Speckled Hen, for supporting my shop!! The pouch is on your way - I sent it to you yesterday.

The entire communication with you is always so pleasant and wonderful. Thank you again, and hope you have a gorgeous weekend!!

ayumills said...

Those pouches are soooo lovely!!! My favorite one is the pink one with a girl and I really love the key attachment too! I can see you have been addicted to making pouches :D

Unknown said...

ayumills - Yes, I am totally addicted in making these pouches (or any kind of pouches!) 一度ハマるとどんどん同じ物を違う布で作りたくなっちゃうんですよね~。 在庫がますますたまってしまいますが(汗)でも楽しいからやめられませ~ん☆

PY said...

Wow, Amy, all are so sweet and lovely !


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