My original pleated wristlet clutches

Here are the new additions to my etsy shop: pleated wristlet clutches that I had been working on over the past few days.   After many trial and errors, I came up with this bag pattern.

Folding pleats (for the bag exterior) and making gathers (for the bag lining) was quite challenging task for me, but I'm happy with how they turned out at last!

Lots and lots of pinning involved in the gathering and pleating process... I almost ran out of pins (and I own 200+ of them!)

 I designed the bag exterior with several pleats to start with, but my initial version of this wristlet clutch pattern had a simple rectangle-shaped lining (without any gathers or pleats).

Then after using the sample clutch for myself for a while, I figured that this type of lining (the one without pleats or gathers) does not hold enough stuff as I had intended and I was unhappy about it.  So, I later revised the pattern and made sure that the lining also has gathers (or pleats) involved for that extra capacity. 

Image to the below left (yellow clutch) is the original pattern with rectangle shaped lining (smaller capacity) and image to the below right (brown polka dots clutch) is the revised version with gathered lining (with extra capacity).   Can you tell the big difference?

Pink roses...This is made from a beautiful Japanese imported cotton (medium weight).

Sky blue and white leaves...
Here, my favorite IKEA home decor fabrics is used.

Brown and baby blue polka dots...
I love the simple cuteness of this fabric (medium weight cotton).

These wristlet clutches are roomy enough to carry our necessary items around, such as cell phones, cosmetics, car keys, and wallet inside.   9 inch or 23 cm zipper is used for the opening.

And last but not least,  I attached these heart shaped charm to the zipper pull for that special touch.    It not only adds loveliness to the clutch, but it also makes it convenient to open/close the zipper with ease.

After listing these wristlet clutches in my shop today, what do you think I'll do now??

Yes, you're right!!  I will now return to my sewing room for more projects to sew... ;P
My passion for sewing never fades, or I should say, it keeps on growing bigger and bigger and I can't control it!!    I hope you stay tuned for more projects to come ;)

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!


Speckled Hen said...

Lovely wristlet clutches with roomy interior. The little heart charm adds extra charm to the bag!

Jessie Fincham said...

Amy you have such a lovely blog, I'm such a big fan :) those purses are adorable! I love your crochet flowers too, very jealous - i wish i could crochet! :)

Hiromi said...


Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your nice comments!

Speckled Hen - Yes, this wristlet clutch is very roomy inside and convenient to use. Thanks for your compliments!!

Jessie - Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words here :) Oh and I love your knitting needle organizers, too!! They are so lovely and practical!

Hiromi - ありがとうございます。 ハートやキーなど、自分が好きなモチーフのものはついつい買ってしまい、在庫もたまってきたので、ジッパーに付けてみました。


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