Drawstring bags with hand carved eraser stamp labels  きんちゃく袋にけしごむはんこタグ

I made some oversized drawstring bags for my sister to organize her suitcase. My sis lives in the Midwest state and she enjoys traveling with her family often.


To accessorize the bags, I created original handmade labels using the stamps that I carved out from the erasers.  For each and every bag, I stamped different eraser stamps using various colored inks.


Flower stamps in red, purple, and turquoise green ink.  Once the fabric is pressed with hot iron, the stamp stays permanent. 


This one is a blue bird stamped on the window fabric.


Apple stamp for the apple fabric. A layer of red x white gingham check scrap adds the zakka taste to the apple label.


And another bird stamp on the simple pinstripes. 


Of course, I included some of my sis's favorite chocolate bars when I shipped these bags to her :) Maybe she liked these Godiva bars more than my handmade bags? lol


Eraser stamp carving needs some practice, but it's not difficult once you get the hang of it. I've covered the eraser stamp carving techniques in my book if you're interested in carving your own eraser stamps!


Before I go, I have a great announcement that Anna of Noodlehead joined the blog tour of my book! Which means we now have eleven blog hops to enjoy. The blog tour will begin from 6/24/13, so hope you stay tuned!


***Love, Amy***


Unknown said...

I love your drawstring bags, you've done a beautiful job by using the carved stamps. I like the patterns you've created to make labels and the selection of colors. Wow, impressive!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I'm sure your sister will love receiving these bags. I also learned something with you, is that once pressed, the stamp stays permanent, that was always my question.
Thank you!
Marisa from

Oh Sew Liz said...

So exciting, I am learning how to carve my own stamps and I've only had one really good one! I can't wait to recieve my copy if your book!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Marisa and Oh Sew Liz, for your sweet comments!

I know for sure that my sis enjoyed these choco bars... I just hope she make use of these bags, too!


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